The Seasonal Pros + Cons of Planning a Wedding

Brides dream of the perfect wedding day with the perfect weather… unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. Planning a wedding around the weather can be a frustrating and sometimes impossible experience, especially here in Oklahoma where the seasons seem to mix together and become more unpredictable every year. Putting the incalculability of weather aside, choosing what time of year to have a wedding can be a challenge. We have put together a list of pros and cons for each season to help with that decision.



* Any style dress will do. Whether you love long-sleeve or sleeveless weddings dresses, spring weather allows brides to get away with either!

* High Attendance Rate. Spring is not usually the time people take vacations, so don’t stress if your invites get sent out a little later than planned.

* The photo ops. Say hello to gorgeous pictures! Spring showers result in cloud cover, which provides the perfect lighting for photographers.


* Unpredictable weather. Spring time presents unpredictable weather not only in Oklahoma, but most places. Is it going to be sunny? Is it going to rain? The chances of landing a beautiful day in the spring are uncertain.

* Allergies. With the fresh blooms come pollen… Keep your spouse and guests in mind when deciding between an indoor and outdoor wedding to avoid an unpleasant experience.

* High Vendor Prices. Vendor prices usually rise between Winter and Spring, which is something to be aware of if budgeting is tight.



* Flexibility. Because the sun doesn’t set until around 9 pm, scheduling becomes much easier. The later sunset also provides more time for pictures, so no need for rushing after the ceremony.

* Warm Evenings. Late receptions and warm summer evenings are a match made in heaven!

* Flowers Galore. The options available during the summer are endless. That flower arrangement that you’ve been dreaming of? It’s in full bloom and ready to go!


* The Heat. The scorching heat makes for a sweaty bride, so mid-day weddings should be avoided.

* Bugs. Summer is bug season so try to avoid wooded areas when selecting the location of your ceremony. Wouldn’t want grandma to get bit by a tick!

* Guest Attendance. Summer is when many people take vacations, so sending out invites early is imperative if you want attendance to be high.



* Leaves! That’s it. No explanation needed.

* Predictable Weather. Choosing a date in early to mid-fall is much easier due to the more predictable weather; however, the same cannot be said for late fall.

* Seasonal Items. Hot Chocolate, cinnamon candles, pumpkin spice everything… you name it! Fall means getting to incorporate all the things that make the season special.


* Not Getting Your First Choice. Fall is a busy time for the wedding industry, so make sure to plan far in advance to avoid not getting your first-choice venue or vendors.

* Tight Budgets. After summer and before the holidays, budgets tend to be tight and vacation days are a thing of the past.

* High Vendor Prices. With the busy wedding season, vendor prices are marked high.



* The Snow. What is more magical than a winter wonderland? Fresh snow makes for a dreamy backdrop in pictures.

* Long-Sleeve Dresses. Winter is the time that brides get to rock a beautiful long-sleeve dress.

* Affordability. With the busy wedding season ending and the cold weather setting in, vendor prices tend to drop. A winter wedding is great for saving a little money.


* It’s Cold. Winter presents many limitations such as requiring an indoor wedding.

* Narrow Selection of Flowers. It is also harder and more expensive to find the flowers you want during the winter.

* The Holidays. Having a wedding in the winter means competing with the holidays. Make sure to send out invites far in advance to ensure guests’ attendance.

Article By: Alanna Brehm, Wild Honey Intern, OSU Class of ’21

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